Twisty Arrow - Shoot the Circle Wheel App Reviews

114 add


Très bon jeu

A good games....

Thats a really good game... BUT THERES TOO MUCH ADS !!! It ruins the experience... Too bad...


Jaime beaucoup


Very good game!



Addictif mais TROP DE PUBS

Very addictive but soooo much ads.....

iPhone 4 update needed

Could you please update the game on iPhone 4 so that you can get rid of the lag which makes it very hard to aim on the target so if you can fix this for iPhone 4 it would be very nice.Thank you so please do so !!!!!


OMG I love this game I will spend hours on it repeatedly it is so much fun!!!

Love it

Its so addicting

Too many ads

This is a great game, but it often lags because it tries to show you many "mobie strike" ads. After every 2-3 games itll show you an ad. Then itll lag, messing you up and costing you a game, so it can show you more ads. 4 stars for fun, -1 for lag, -2 for ads.

Yes Or No .... (I like this game)

I like this game a lot. Like the way you shoot the arrows also enjoy playing this game !!!


This game is fun and addicting


I love this game. Just cant stop playing it!

So Fun

Its so fun and all I thought it would be some dumb game but it wasnt


Its a very nice game which u need to take ur time and use ur brain for


Fun game to many ads


To many adds

More ad than game

Ads take up more time than actual game play.


This is an amazing game. I love it. The only downside is that there are way to many advertisements and it gets really frustrating sometimes. But overall I love this game and its great for when your bored!!!!❤️❤️❤️

Love it

Much better than pokemon go :)

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