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Twisty Arrow - Shoot the Circle Wheel app for iPhone and iPad

4.8 ( 4288 ratings )
Games Family Simulation Music
Developer: Aaron Feliciano
Current version: 1.2, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 26 Feb 2016
App size: 76.79 Mb

Twisty Arrow is a simple tapping strategy game fun for users of for all ages. Shoot arrows at the spinning circle target but dont touch the other arrows. Use the right strategy to improve your accuracy and hit the bullseye on the circle as it twists every time. The more arrows you shoot, the harder it is to be accurate and hit the bullseye. Can you beat this impossible rotating wheel? What level can you get to? Download right now and spin the wheel to find out.

How to play

> Tap your screen to shoot arrows at the spinning wheel
> Hit the bulls eye with the arrows without touching other arrows
> Each level requires a certain amount of arrows to hit the bulls eye to complete
> Different levels spin, twist, and rotate in different directions and at different speeds


- Quick reflex twitchy tap style gameplay
- Over 145 levels to master with more updated weekly
- The best spinning circle game on Android
- Funky fun soundtrack to jam to
- Simple to learn yet hard to conquer

Pros and cons of Twisty Arrow - Shoot the Circle Wheel app for iPhone and iPad

Twisty Arrow - Shoot the Circle Wheel app good for

Thats a really good game... BUT THERES TOO MUCH ADS !!! It ruins the experience... Too bad...
Could you please update the game on iPhone 4 so that you can get rid of the lag which makes it very hard to aim on the target so if you can fix this for iPhone 4 it would be very nice.Thank you so please do so !!!!!
OMG I love this game I will spend hours on it repeatedly it is so much fun!!!
I like this game a lot. Like the way you shoot the arrows also enjoy playing this game !!!
Its so fun and all I thought it would be some dumb game but it wasnt
Its a very nice game which u need to take ur time and use ur brain for

Some bad moments

This is a great game, but it often lags because it tries to show you many "mobie strike" ads. After every 2-3 games itll show you an ad. Then itll lag, messing you up and costing you a game, so it can show you more ads. 4 stars for fun, -1 for lag, -2 for ads.
The game was alright and I get that the developers need to make money but this wasnt worth the amount of ads I had to go through. Pretty much every time I lost or passed a level (which would take only like 10 seconds) Id see a video ad which youd skip after a couple seconds to see another final ad for the same thing. After you exit that you would see banner ads at the bottom of the screen while you are trying to play. Oh, and if you dont pass a level after two tries it will be badgering you to watch a video ad to skip the level. Very annoying.
Way too much ads that you have to double close, ruined the game experience for me
The worst f*cking game in the dam world I hope you die in a f*ckin fire you c*cksucking n*gger motherf*cker
Its a knockoff version of this game AA go check it out its a million times better and less ads
The game itself is okay. The ads are to frequent. Also, when you shoot the arrow and it overlaps an arrow on the way to the target but doesnt touch when it lands you still lose. Some BS in my opinion.

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